Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Learning to fit in

Sometimes I wonder why on earth my house is such a mess.

Then I remember it's because I have a baby who gets into everything. EVERY THING. Molly was not like Lucy. Molly preferred to be held, cuddled, tucked onto the couch with a blanket, curled up with a book or contentedly playing with little people. Not her little sister. Lucy takes more after Joe.

Her new stage is seeing if she can smoosh herself into stuff... I frequently find all the toys pulled off the shelf with Lucy's little body on the bottom shelf... just lying there looking around. Or sometimes it's the tupperware strewn across the kitchen floor with Lucy sitting Indian style in the cupboard staring at me with her large brown eyes and wondering why I would be bugging her.

Today was no exception. I found all my stash very organized papers all over the living room.

She just stayed in there, occasionally rearranging herself to fit a little bit better for about 15 minutes.

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