Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Spring Days!

It has been either very over cast and stormy with dark grey skies OR gorgeous and sunny and warm (56!!) and we've been enjoying both kinds of weather.

The kids usually start out riding their scooters/bikes down our drive way and dragging them back up a time or two and then deciding that is too much work switch to using chalk and then quickly tire of that and play star wars.

*I'm sorry she has a bloody nose, this was the day she conked into Joe giving him a black eye and Molly received a concussion with a bloody nose.*

Molly told me the story line they were playing. Joe was being "Nanokins Sky-walter" and she was "Princess Leggas". Joe was her hero. She spent two hours running somewhere then collapsing on the ground and calling, "Nanokins! Nanokins! Save me! Save me!" and then running somewhere else and screaming, "HEEEEEELLLP!". Joe spent those two hours mainly ignoring her and battling invisible and yet very dangerous "Rogers"... no, they're not tea drinking Brits, they are the battle droids in star wars that say, "Roger roger".

When my parents came to visit last weekend they brought over the kids' farm boots since there are no little feet to occupy them there and I was going to buy the kids each a pair anyway. I love that Joe's shoes are on backwards - just, so Joe.

I am eager to get something to sit on so I can sit out there and enjoy watching the kids and the weather... and maybe I will soon... like around Mother's Day?? :)

Happy Spring Days!

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