Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grumpy House!

I'll spare you pictures. Let's just say my house is the grumpiest it's ever been. I'm not kidding, though I do tend to over exaggerate... occasionally.

Sam woke up grouchy, which woke me up grouchy. He sat outside our bedroom door, which was open and was tapping a toy on the door to wake me up. Why didn't he just come in? I don't know. He told me his tummy felt funny. I asked him if he needed to go potty and he said no. I asked him if he was going to throw up and he said no. I asked him if it was because he was hungry and he said, "PROBABLY" as if it were the dumbest question ever. I do not handle rude children well and for the most part my children are not rude. Sam has discovered a new attitude from someone at school. It's like a "duh" attitude where he thinks I suggest something and he should already know it so he responds rudely. This is not going to work for me and it's not going to last long.

We had breakfast, he was crabby and kept yelling at everyone which made me grumpy and then it was bouncing between us. He got out the door to school on time (barely, he did try to leave the house wearing two sizes too small pants) with all parts in tact and I even managed to throw out a, "have a nice day!"

Joe woke up at 10:30. Joe has never slept past 5:31 in his life. He is the wake up at the crack of dawn OR before the crack. He gets up, comes out and demanded breakfast with a scary look on his face. I had to hurry because I thought he might shank me.

An hour later Sam's school called. The nurse said he had thrown up several times and needed a change of clothes and asked us to come get him. I said of course and about 15 minutes later he was home. He was in a good mood. He chatted happily, colored and we had lunch. After lunch Jerry turned a movie on in our room and all the kids piled on the bed.

I wanted a nap so I kept Lucy up until 2:00pm. Around 2:40 I had started the laundry and did the dishes and started hearing her calling me. I left her in her bed for about a half of an hour thinking she must not have fallen asleep yet. She was PISSED and I had a sudden flash forward to her hiring a contract killer to take me out when she's 12. That girl scares me. I got her up.

Sam and Joe were silent all afternoon. They played their DS's for "quiet time" as usual but were lethargic for the rest of the day. I got out the big guns: AKA markers and white paper and they went to town coloring and fighting over which blue color they would get. Yes, they both like blue now, even though they both liked green before. It's the source of ALL their fighting. Seriously. "I want the blue cup, I want the blue plate... I want the blue marker" so on and so forth. Luckily most of Sam's hand me downs for Joe are blue, however Joe's bedding is red and orange and Sam's is blue and light blue. Joe gets out of bed every night and steals Sam's blankets and his pillow so he can sleep with the blue set.

wait, where was I?

I made dinner with Lucy literally sitting against the oven and pushing my legs with her feet. I'd move, she'd move. I'd kick her out of the kitchen, she'd come back in. Imagine continuous whining.

Just as I was plating their dinner I saw Molly sneaking down the hallway with her hands behind her back.
"What do you have behind your back?"
"What's in your hands?"
She sinks to the floor very carefully and drops whatever she has then steps back so she's standing on it and opens her hands. "Nofin'"
It was Sam's DS, which she is strictly NOT aloud to touch. Off to time out.

Lucy wouldn't eat her noodles, only her broccoli and Joe's broccoli. He figures if he gives it to her before I catch him then she will eat it up and the evidence is gone. Luckily I am a smart woman and save a few extra pieces. lol. He ate one piece as required by Toompi Law and sat in the living room crying that he couldn't play the DS anymore, which has become a night time ritual... the crying, not the playing. They are not allowed to play after dinner. PERIOD.  I tried to stay pleasant all through the day and I have to say, I did pretty good. Lucy needed her teeth flossed because she had bits of broccoli in every single tooth. Ha. She doesn't like getting her teeth brushed.

Sam threw up a total of 5 times today. He's looking a little pale but isn't lying around moaning and he does a great job of making it into the bathroom when he needs to throw up. It makes life so much easier to have a capable child.

For some reason as the boys were calmly playing legos Joe decided to throw his body into Sam, Sam hit his head on the corner of the toy box so Sam kicked Joe. Awesome. Our night went downhill from there.

Lucy who was still grouchy about everything threw a HUGE fit when the cat would not stay in her baby doll stroller. I put the stroller away after she started picking it up like the hulk and throwing it across the room then throwing herself on to the floor and then retrieving the stroller to start her impersonation all over again. She was even more angry that I put it away.

I'd have put her to bed but it was only 6:20.

I turned on Wall-E for the kids and they were silent. Lucy continued throwing fits about all sorts of things. She wanted to look out the front window but I had already closed the blinds so she ran to the rocking chair where I was reading would scream then run to the couch and flop all over while sobbing then run to the window. I decided it is better to put the kids to bed early and have to wake up a bit earlier than it is to murder them.

I put Lucy in her bed and realized she must not have napped at all, this was pretty dramatic... even for Lucy.

I decided to peep in on the kids. They were all asleep on my bed.

So I had to schlep them all to bed. Even Sam. Do you know how much that child weighs? I thought about waking him up and making him walk to bed himself but didn't want to risk the arguments of my thoughtful conniving six year old. He comes up with some good ones.

The weird thing is that I just realized what a crappy day today was and how it didn't effect me. I did the laundry and cleaned up the laundry room and did the dishes. That's a pretty big accomplishment for current day Kaitie. I am overly curious as to how my day was so pleasant... and how I can copy this tomorrow at 5am when all my kids are likely to wake up.

I guess I am free to watch "The Voice" without children interference tonight. Sweet.

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