Thursday, April 7, 2011

The forgotten child...

Meet Joe.

You may have seen him in some pictures I've posted around these blog parts...

I promise I don't try to hide him. He's not neglected or forgotten... okay, if I were going to forget one of the kids it would be Joe. lol.

But he's the middle child.

Let's be honest, most of the time he's not the kid I'm photographing. He prefers to be naked, with his breakfast, lunch and dinner smeared all over his face. His hair is always crazy in his face.

And he's always more interested in me taking a picture of something he's done than of himself. See here? I had to pretend I was taking a picture of the nativity scene but was trying to get him in. This is his proud face. He's always very proud of what he makes and creates.

Joe is not the funniest kid in our family, not the most dramatic or the most gnome looking kid. But he is definitely our most unique.

Joe adores the hell out of Sam. He follows him everywhere, is always super excited when Sam helps him and likes all the same thing Sam likes.

Joe is so mischievous, adventurous, wild, fearless.

He has a good sense of humor but unlike Sam he isn't the one making up the jokes, he's the little guy laughing at them. All his knock knock jokes end with "poop". All his puns end with "Boooottom". Typical 4 year old.

I have 55billion inappropriate pictures of this guy. Why? Because he is not the poser in our family. He's himself. Always. 100% of the time. Even in the grocery store or in church.


He dresses himself in underwear (briefs) and if he's cold then he prefers "underweares pants" which are boxer briefs. When I FORCE him to wear clothes he dresses himself. Backwards pants, inside out shirts, Molly's socks... sure, why not? They're coming off in a  few seconds anyway.

Don't get me wrong, I get him clothes and sometimes dress him. But then a few seconds later his pants are missing. 'Where are your pants Joe!?" to which he replies, "Oh, I didn't need them." and then about 4 minutes later he has no shirt either. "What happened to your shirt Joseph Connor!!?" he pauses a second to remember, "Too hot." He wears just socks and underwear a lot.

Whenever I have my camera out he always says, "Take a picture of this mom!" And usually it's pretty cool. This kid is CRAZY creative. He builds amazing lego ships, draws amazing pictures and dresses up like the most amazing creature. My 30 year old cousin gave him a horribly ugly blue cowboy hat that she used probably 15 years ago learning to square dance. He wears it everywhere, sideways along with his super hero cape. He thinks the sideways cowboy hat looks best when he wears a pair of goggles and winter gloves.

Oh that cape. It comes with us everywhere. We don't have to call him anything like super Joe or anything, but he wears it all.the.time.

I can't stand how cute this kid is. In fact that's not the only time I can't stand him. He is the kid who challenges EVERY.SINGLE thing I say. "Please close the bathroom door." is answered by, "Why should I?" and not in a rude way, it's because he wants to know why. Why can't he color? Why can't he eat lunch outside? Why can't he stay up? Why can't he hold my tea cup. WHY WHY WHY. I try to answer the best I can, but eventually I just say, 'Alright Georgy, go play."

This is one of his many many pictures he draws. Watching him draw is so interesting. He starts out with the most random brush strokes and eventually it ends up looking like something.

I once complimented him on his beautiful rainbow. He snatched the picture back, "That is a pile of colorful SLUGS. NOT A RAINBOW." I bet I get on his nerves as much as he gets one mine.

But my goodness, I love him. He gives the best hugs. And when I find him huddled under a blanket playing the DS at midnight his sweet little voice has the best, "I luff you Mom." and hearing him ask 35,000 times in a day, "Can I eat food today?" makes me laugh every time.

While Sam wants to be a nuclear scientist, Molly wants to be a princess and Lucy (according to Molly) will be a kid, Joe wants to be a Daddy, 'with a bunch of littler kids."

And he'll be 5 soon. I just can't believe it.


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