Monday, April 4, 2011

"So, are you all ready?"

I can finally say, yes.

The carseat cover, sheets, blankets and tiny clothes have been washed.

Iris is one loved baby.

I handed my mother the fabric and told her what I wanted.

The blanket is freaking gorgeous. She also made matching burp rags.

My sister even knit one side of the edging.

Iris is one loved baby.

My mom, sister, aunties and a few cousins sewed on this quilt for Iris.

I tear up a bit to think this may be the last baby blanket to enter the Toompas house.

Iris is one loved baby.

We are completely ready to meet this girl. This little baby is already so loved by so many people. We have received so many gifts, so many hand made lovelies, and so many beautiful words of encouragement. I just can't wait to introduce Iris to a world full of people who love her as much as we all do.

Iris is one loved baby.

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