Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend review and a mini series.

This "weekend" was our first weekend not having to do a bazillion things. In fact Jerry didn't even get any time off last week, he worked 11 days straight. That's a lot! That also means I watched the kids for 11 days straight... which is more than a lot. It's ridiculous.

Friday we got up and headed out by 10. We had three things to do. Grocery Shopping, stop by my Aunt Pam's house to give her back her keys and to deposit a check into the bank. Yes, the one I've been waiting for! We went to Aunt Pam's, but I had misunderstood the time she was going to be there so Jerry decided we could go buy my bedroom set!!! It is so unbelievably gorgeous!!!! The power of my quilt and the power of the bird picture are seriously rockin' it. I dropped Jerry at home with our new giant purchases and left to go run back to A. Pam's. She was home now, but her house is about a 40 minute drive from mine. I hit after school traffic on the way there and then rush hour on the way back AND I had to stop for our groceries. It was miserable. I didn't get home until 6:30. I did remember to deposit the check and I got everything on the list but I was feeling sooo terrible when I got home. I was soo dizzy and tired and my ankles were crazy swollen. I took a soak in the tub and drank soo much water. I finally started to feel better about 9 and we put the bed together. Jerry had already done the night stands while I was gone and we left the dresser for the next morning. I know it's silly, but our mattress felt so much more comfortable! :)

Saturday morning I got up at 8:30!! When the last time I slept until 8:00am was, I can't remember. It was amazing! All the kids were up, Lucy playing happily in her crib and the other three watching cartoons. I was shocked when I saw what a horrible mess the living room was... I shouldn't have been surprised, Jerry was home with them all afternoon alone. haha. I grabbed a shower just in time for Colleen the wonderful to pick me up. We went to the community yard sale that was going on this weekend, which was kind of disappointing. It was like serious junk, not even any sort of awesome treasures and no one was selling any furniture!! I wanted a rocking chair that was perfect and was only 10.00. That was my goal. Hahaha. We still had fun talking then getting coffee at our (I love to say our. I've always wanted to live in town with her!) local coffee shop. They're actually pretty good. Then we went to look at OUR little local quilt shop which had some fabric I've been looking for since last year. Awesome. One more project I can eventually finish. :) I got home about 10:30. The rest of my day was spent sleeping, reading in bed, watching a movie in bed, taking a second nap, eating lunch in bed, eating a snack in bed, reading some more. Seriously. I finally got out of bed after Jerry had finished setting up the new dresser around 7pm and then the whole family did a big cleanup and we watched "Homeward Bound" with all the kids - even Lucy! It was so awesome.


Baby Builder Builds

(a mini series)

"Poor Daddy, he has no idea what he is doing."

Baby Builder to the rescue!

"I will tell you what to do, how to do it and when it should be done! Right here Daddy! Let that nail have it!"

"I will bring you wooden eggs to play with while I use that hammer."

"yes, just keep it straight so the nail doesn't go in crooked."

"I'll just work on this side!"

"Yes! I did it all myself!"

Lucy was much too modest to get in the picture with Jerry. She let him have all the credit.

Baby Builder saved the day. Thanks Baby Builder!


Today our house is not very clean.
*don't tell me you don't have 3500 light brite pieces on your kitchen floor!?

I have about 6-8 loads of laundry to do. I have two big projects to finish for school by April 30th that I need to work on and the bathrooms to clean. Also I could do the dishes. But instead Jerry and I took a nap right after church, had delicious veggie sandwiches for lunch and sent all the kids to bed.  I will take a picture (or several) of our new bedroom soon. Right now the boxes are still in there and the packing supplies everywhere and I'm pretty sure I cuddled with a hammer all night.

*Kangaroo walking the slipper plank into alligator infested waters and backwards couch cushion. Awesome.

*snotty faced kid, they were sick all week.

I hope you all had a good weekend, which ever days you choose that to be.

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