Sunday, March 20, 2011

Walking his way to victory.

For his birthday, Sam got a "poke-walker". Basically it's a pedometer. On the DS you chose which pokemon you want and then which area you want to walk in. Ie. Forest, field or park. Then you walk!  As you walk the pokemon gains steps and you can collect treasure and the pokemon evolves and sometimes you can ever capture a pokemon. When you're done you sync it to the DS and your pokemon is back on your screen and you can use it to battle other pokemon. It's actually pretty cool.

He tries to entice me to wear his poke-walker while he is at school and sometimes, if he can catch her he puts the walker on Lucy. Joe is always a willing participant but Sam has a hard time catching Joe to get it back. :) He has asked me if I could ask his teacher if he could wear it to school, which is totally not happening.

I am sure at this point you can imagine what Sam does with his day after he gets home. He walks everywhere. Like all the time. He walks in circles, walks in lines, walks the halls, walks the perimeter of the house... walks walk walks. He is not aloud to play the DS until after he comes home from school, we have lunch and everyone is down for quiet time and then he has to put the DS away when we get up. It's basically like an hour and a half to two hours (if we're lucky!) and he's completely quiet. He really needs the time after school to detox and zone out so it works out pretty well. While he can't play the DS he can still use his pokewalker until bed time. He clips it on and walks for hours.

Today he came up to me and asked, "How many chores would I have to do to earn enough money to buy a treadmill?"

A lot.

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