Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A totally unnecessary conversation that lasted way too long.

Sam is excited/nervous for his school conference.

He has mentioned his conference several times today. It's tomorrow at 9:30am. He's been going to school for like 10 days, I'm not sure what they're really going to tell us.

After getting out of bed too many times I finally asked him what he wanted.
"I have a problem."
"What is it?"
"I can't find my tie for my conference tomorrow." Just hearing him say "conference" like he's a 40 year old business man while at the same time his front tooth is blowing in the wind makes me laugh.
"You know, I think we'll skip the tie tomorrow."
"We should probably be early. Like maybe you should plan to pick up a coffee so we can wait for a few minutes in the parking lot." He said.
"Okay buddy, now off to bed."
"Okay but maybe you should wake me up early so I can have time to fix my hair."
"I'll probably wake you up at the same time as usual and then you can chose to either watch your cartoon or do your hair."
He nods slowly, deep in thought.
"And I can use hair gel..." he says slowly pointing at his hair.
"No, you can not."
"Okay, so no tie, no waking up early aaaand no hair gel?"
"Right. It's just another day at school."
"But I can use water to smooth my hair, right?" he says as he runs his fingers through his hair.
"Great. Goodnight."

Great. I think I may need that coffee.

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