Sunday, March 20, 2011

Nothing to say but somewhere to say it

You're in luck. I am so tired these days I don't even have to wait up until the middle of the night to write a random post!!

I was looking at blogs scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees when I suddenly realized I didn't know when the last time was I had heard the kids. (Does that sentence look weird to you? I've been looking at it for 5 minutes and can't seem to figure out the correct grammar.) They must have sensed it also because I heard someone yell down the hallway, 'I love you mom'. And so I left them be. This may be one of those moments I regret in the future.

Jerry taught the kids to play 'hide and seek'. I had no idea my children didn't know how to play, but they didn't and now it's the coolest game ever. They're not very good at hiding though. You can always follow the sound of Molly giggling and Sam saying, "Be QUIET!" in a very bossy voice. Joe always hides under his mattress. Lucy usually squats in the middle of the room squealing into her hands in excitement.

Lucy is still not a big talker. She can say NO and TOUCH. To her "TOUCH" means give me what I want, I shouldn't be touching this, give that to me now or I'll scream and look. However, she has a new word. "OUT SHIDE" and much as it sounds... it means, outside. Her words are in caps for a reason. The child only knows how to shout. And this is a word she thinks someone should shout over and over. And it should probably be her.

Maternity pants are very confusing to me. I only wear jeans now if I have to go somewhere or see someone because they kind of are weird fitting, though considerably more comfortable than regular non paneled jeans. Anyway, I just realized I've been wearing them backward all day. That is what a 32 week pregnant woman does with her time. Wears pants backwards.

The other morning Sam and I stood at the bus stop for 15 minutes before my husband appeared and told me that we had missed the bus by a full hour. I had indeed forgotten to turn my clock ahead. So Sam had an unexpected day off and spent the morning puddle stomping with the little kids... not that he's very big himself.

Sam is on a DS strike. As if it is really going to bother me. "Mom, I'm not going to play the DS until I get a new game." Then he gave me the stink eye wondering if I was going to run off and buy him a new game. I didn't and he walked off slouched so far his finger tips could brush the carpet.

Molly is the queen of obvious. "I think Lulu's butt has poop in it." She says after inhaling deeply behind Lucy and making a show of gagging. She gets this from Jerry. Whenever I say, "I think Lucy is poopy, could you change her?" He always has to pick her up and smell her and then is surprised to find that that smell is indeed coming from her and gags or coughs a little.

Ants. I hate them. They were gone for a few days after we bombed until we couldn't wash dishes because of the pipes being backed up. I have no idea why they are always crawling everywhere and I doubt jam being smeared across the counter for a couple hours has anything to do with it.

Joe's birthday is coming. He wants a cat and a turtle. We let it sit for a few weeks but he's continued to request a turtle. So today I asked him exactly what kind of turtle he wants. "One I can ride to the beach."... *face palm*

Today I made an angel food cake. It was the only boxed cake I had in my cupboard and I seriously have a hankerin' for pastries. I'm usually not too much of a sweets person, I like baked good a lot but for the last two months or so I just want them ALL.THE.TIME. I am not so good on making a cake from a box and today was no exception. Apparently my pan was not large enough.

I over cooked the cake itself and it was SO super rubbery. Gross.
Also, I used a glaze in a bottle, you're just supposed to warm it up for 20 second and then squeeze it on top. It was also super gross.
Note to self: don't be an idiot, make it from scratch.

And now my oven is being cleaned.

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