Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Multitude of Blessings 6

*Quick catch up on these! I have scheduled to have one posted every day this week so I can be all caught up for Sunday! Enjoy!*

Welcome to our home.

Wipe your feet!

Living room

Girls Room

Master Bedroom looking into walk in closet

Boys Room


Hallway looking into the living room

I couldn't think of a better thing to post as a multitude of blessings post. We are most totally over blessed to be able to live here. It has give us so much room to run (inside and outside!), I am able to take a nap even with the kids running around in the living room when I need to. There's so much space in the kitchen! I feel humbled. I like to open my window when I'm lying down with Molly for nap time and listen to the birds outside my window. There are tons. All I can hear is the wind in our huge trees and several different kinds of birds.

So peaceful, so calm... so perfect.

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  1. Wait! How will I find your house without the swans? No chance you can get some more? ;)