Wednesday, March 23, 2011


There are many things that make me happy. Listening to awesome music, eating delicious food, smelling my green tea hand soap, oiling a new bamboo cutting board. Passing one of my classes that I've been putting off finishing. A really crispy morning. The drive from my house to my midwife's house... seriously gorgeous.

But there is nothing that makes me happier than seeing my goofy little baby boys be best friends. They miss each other when Sam is at school. They love to hug, love to cuddle, wrestle, play games, puzzles together are so much more fun and recently Sam has started teaching Joe to read.

They love each other.

I love when Sam calls Joe, "my little brother" and Joe calls Sam, "my big brother Sam."

I love it when they get into fights or hurt each other wrestling (well, I don't love THAT part) and then immediately stop to rub the bump or pat each other's backs when one guy is crying.

I love their sharing. I loved today when Sam said, "Mom could we get Joe a poke-walker too so I could have someone to walk with?"

I love this kids killer dance moves.

And this guys pirate face (and hook/finger)

They're wild, loud, rough and tough. They're also the sweetest little people I know and seeing them love each other is something I never knew I would love quite so much.

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  1. AW, be careful of you'll make me cry! It is so precious isn't it? You have some great boys!