Thursday, March 17, 2011


First day of school take two.
We hemmed, we hawed, we tossed and we turned. At first we had decided we would wait to get Sam back into school until the fall so that he wouldn't have to be THE new kid. You know, the only kid in his class who doesn't know anyone else. He has enough trouble socializing and getting used to new things that make him feel uncomfortable. But when we moved in we talked it over and decided that we would give it an ol' college try (I don't know what that means, but it seems to fit.) So last week on Monday, off we went to the school office and enrolled the lil' guy. He was happy to start, had a great first day on Wednesday and rode the bus to school on Friday, which he also enjoyed. He told me his bus is quiet... it may have something to do with the fact that there are only 6 other kids who ride his bus. When he got home on Friday he told me he was looking forward to the bus on Monday... which we skipped because of daylight savings. Woops. BUT we trudged to the bus stop again this morning and he happily clambered aboard.

After his first day he told me his teacher is as nice as teacher Leslie, his preschool teacher who he had a major crush on. His teacher is Mrs. Collins and she let him play the computer the very first second he was in his class at school. Not to brag, okay yes, I'm bragging; he had his reading testing done on Thursday and placed in the top of his class. His teacher told me she put him in the advanced reading group and he's doing great. He is a little sad there is no walking club like we had in Vancouver and he told me he can't wait until he can be in "tracks". Yay!

One must always take time to pose when going anywhere. You can't rush greatness.

"Hey, buddy look at me and smile"... or look away and drool a little.

Good bye!

Now, imagine me dressed as a leprechaun clicking my heels as the bus pulls away... or don't, but there was a little leprechaun doing a jig... in my heart. Just so you know.

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