Monday, March 28, 2011

Lucy Kathleen

I realized recently that Lucy is getting older. In a handful of days she will be 18 months!

She loves to dress up and walks around all day wearing dress up clothes and of course she's very serious about it. Her favorite "outfits" are the fireman's hat and light saber or a knit hat from my mom and the strawberry shortcake tin/purse thing.

*Why is the cork on the fork?*

Her growing seems so gradual, it should be too because I'd probably be suprised if she was a baby for 14 years then suddenly a teenager. But it seems like all the sudden I saw how big she is, how tall she's gotten, how much she's learned and how capable she is.

She now knows how to pout, throw a fit, and to sob like her legs have been ripped off then stop as soon as she gets what she wants. True little sister tricks.

The girl can give a look like no one else... except maybe her mother. I can give some pretty good  looks too.

She is such a ham. Somedays she hates when I try to take her picture and other days she'll jump in front of the camera and say, "cheeeeze". Other times she'll just give me some weird face and then run off. If my camera is on the wrong setting... too bad. She wont pose unless it's her idea.

This was her idea.

She is sweet. When she wants something.

She will scream and cry then run over to me and point with a scowl on her face to the offending sibling. Usually Molly, who thinks she's the Lucy patrol and literally follows her around all day taking things from her that in Molly's expert older sister opinion she should not have. I can imagine how obnoxious that would be!

Lucy loves to dance and the girl can bust some moves!

Well hello, it's Ms. Nasty face.

Today after changing a diaper I called Sam to put it in the garbage then realized, Molly was doing this herself long before 18 months. So today was the first day of Lucy's first chore. Putting your own diaper in the garbage. She was pretty proud of herself and clapped then talked about it (in baby jabber) then hugged the garbage can. And then I sprayed her down with lysol. Not really, but I should could have.

Does this look like a face that would eat two rubber hot wheel tires, a lego monkey and all the gold coins from the lego treasure chest as fast as she could? I didn't think so... until I found them in her diaper.

"Who me?"

Lucy's favorite toy is the batman submarine. She carries it around by the scope and usually sits at the table or on the sofa and looks into it. Sometimes she puts stuff in there and closes the doors.

I still think she looks like a gnome.

My little sprite.

She has so very much personality. I do love her so.

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