Thursday, March 24, 2011

Biggest loser and the tooth loser

I have to begin with a small little bit of talking about the biggest loser. I'm sorry I don't have too much going on in my life so I'm actually really into this show. :)
Question: WHEN will they do make over week? Last season they did the makeover week at like what, week 7 (okay, that sounds wrong)? They're on week 12 now and those peoples are lookin' shaggy.

I still can't stand Allison although thank God she's over her very strange dressing habits. Now she still wears strange clothes just not freakishly outrageous. I was watching on Hulu of course and I saw that she's on a commercial for dog food. I guess her dog was too fat. Weird.

WHY do people want to be voted off of the ranch? Someone is always like, "Oh I feel like I'm ready to go home." Dude... why? Why wouldn't you want to stay longer? Maybe you aren't a fatty anymore but you can still build muscles and win a half of a million dollars!!! Have they forgotten that!?! Argh!! Such drama!

Moving on.

Sam lost his fifth tooth today. Yikes! He was wrestling with Jerry and then Jerry thought they were done wrestling but then Sam jump attacked Jerry and defending himself Jerry blocked his face with his hand and Sam jumped right into it, knocking out one of his front teeth. Both his front teeth were super loose and now one is out and the other one is even more lose.

He was pretty upset that he lost his tooth this way and ended up crying for about an hour until we put him down for a nap. After that he was pretty excited. I reminded him to put his tooth under his pillow and he said, "Mom, I know you are the tooth fairy. Couldn't you just give me the cash?" Haha! This kid cracks us up.

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