Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend catch up!

We had a great weekend! It started on Friday night when Jerry got off work; we bought a car! It's a 2000 Olds mobile Silhouette. Dark blue paint, "camel" leather interior with heated, electric  seats, a movie player and an automatic sliding door. Sweet. Yes, it's 11 years old in May and the "movie" player only plays VHS but it still works well. The guys said the only problem was that the interior lights didn't work, but I'm not sure he even messed around with them because they were turned off in the front. If he had the car for 6 years and didn't know how to turn the lights on I'd have to call him a moron. They work just fine now.

Saturday we drove to Vancouver to return our rental car and had lunch at Red Robin. Lucy screamed the whole way there AND on the way home until we reached Olympia. It was a looong day.

Sunday was more fun. I got up right away and went grocery shopping and did some clothes shopping. I discovered the Tacoma Mall has an H&M with a children's section! I also inadvertently stopped at Half price books because they have an awesome $1.00 section on Sundays but ended up spending over an hour in the quilting book section. I am well on my way to starting Iris's quilt.

Lucy has just been hysterical lately. I wanted to make sure and put a few stories up here so I can remember!

Whenever the kids are laughing she chuckles a long with them, even though she very obviously has no idea why they're laughing. It is so cute. Most of the time she has a completely straight face on. lol.

When she gets in trouble she covers her eyes really fast with her hands and again completely straight faced pretend cries and stares at you between her fingers.

If she is throwing a fit she walks directly to a wall and puts HERSELF in time out. We think maybe she sees the kids crying there and she thinks that's how the big kids throw fits. It is hilarious.

Lucy loves to play the slide whistle. She dances around pow wow style stomping her feet and doing something similar to the sprinkler with her arms.  She is too cute.

Last night she discovered the can jump off of the fireplace hearth, it's about 1" high. She was just thrilled with herself and decided to try again, resulting in three different face plants into the carpet. She called it quits. Haha.

Stay little for awhile longer little Lulu.

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