Saturday, February 26, 2011

Music Evolution

Music. My soul. My soul music.

I have a special place in my heart for 1920's - 1940s era music. Not only is the music amazing, but the lyrics are so completely better. When I was a little girl my favorite song was "The Java Jive." by the ink Spots. My Dad is really into Music. I also thought "Your feet's too big" was the silliest song ever. The first time i heard it I just laughed and laughed, I must have been six.

At about 14 I fell deeply in love with Don Giovanni Opera K.527 by Mozart. From there it was a skip hop and a jump to Requiem, which still makes me cry. It's so deep. So heart felt. So angry, so full of love.  I feel like when I close my eyes and listen I can breath deep. The music fills my lungs. Another of my favorites by Mozart is Queen of Night Aria.  I know all the words... though I can't sing opera or anything so it sounds pretty terrible.

My Dad passed on a healthy infatuation with "Ave Maria" sung by... anyone.

I slowly started enjoying more music like Billy Joel, The Eagles, Elvis Costello and The Doobie brothers. While I love the beat I mostly remember the days of my Dad dancing around and then very seriously telling us how cool he was in high school. We believed him until I saw a picture of him with a giant permed afro. My Dad. Who is kind of a pin head... with an afro. I loved it when my Dad would pull my mom out of a chair and make her dance with him. She always got her "cool" face on and would snap her fingers as they would swing dance in the kitchen. We laughed and made fun of them, but it's true, they were cool.

It was at 16 when I discovered "secular music" as our church called it. Secular = evil. Donnie Darco's "Mad World" (not the movie, that was just...not) was my anthem for a little while. It was so strange to me to listen to music and listen to someone singing about things I was thinking or feeling as a teenager. Simple Plan was my favorite band. The Green Day (21 guns). But that type of music was really kind of angry. I was an angry kind of teenager for about two years or so.

About 17 my heart took a heavy blow. I wasn't angry anymore and I didn't want to listen to "kids" singing about hate, hating their life, hating their parents... I wanted comfort. I crawled back to my old comforts... Mozart, Billy Joel, Ink Spots. But it left me feeling empty. Not because "rock" music gave me a feeling of fulfillment but because I was looking to Mozart for the happy feeling. I wanted to listen to BIlly Joel and remember my parents happy. I felt like I had ruined my life, my parents life and all my memories.  I wanted to tuck away my happy memories and curl into a ball and cry. Which is what I did for awhile.

I started listening to country, though I didn't love it. I still don't love country, but the words were easy and it was new.

I went through a very small stage where I liked French Music. I mean, I still like french music. But there's not really that much french music. I liked 99 luftballoons (1984 version of course, accompanied with the music video - her face is killer) by Nana of course. Who doesn't?

I rebelled from all tasteful music in my late teens (okay so just 19, but it was painful. lol) and listened to... *gulp* rap.

That was over very quickly. Rap is stupid, requires no talent, music ability or composition. It made me laugh when a black rapper would say two words that didn't remotely rhyme but with mispronunciation it would be a perfect fit. Haha. Okay, still makes me laugh.

As soon as I had kids I did a full circle and returned to classical music. Not so much Opera as I once listened to and a lot of the classical music I listened to was accompanied by puppets on television.

Jerry introduced me to a world of silly 80s and 90s music which I missed out on. He likes to be my DJ on youtube and plays old music he used to love. I usually laugh at him because they're so ridiculous.

Like a good side salad I love Polka Music. It's deep in my Polish/German blood. The accordion makes me want to break out in dance. The zither makes me giggle.

These days I listen to Pandora. I really enjoy Lady Gaga, some Katy Perry, Rosie Thomas, Michael Buble (*drool*), INgrid Michaelson, Plain White Ts, Jason Mraz... you get the picture.

Also I need a shout out to all Jack Johnson. He's hot, he can sing and his music Videos are the bomb.

Okay, I didn't mean for this to get so long. You're probably bored out of your mind. I am pretty passionate about my music...

What kind of music do you like?

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  1. 20's-40's.
    But we discussed that a long time ago.