Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm lost. My mind is no where. I can't seem to focus in on anything. I'm not sure if this is because I'm pregnant, because I've lost brain cells by cleaning the bathroom with the window closed one too many times or because I never had any sanity to begin with.

Here is how my mind works lately:

*folding laundry* I just love the feeling of freshly washed cotton from the dryer... I also like crispy cotton from the line. Oh, I looove how laundry from the line smells, so fresh. Nothing you can ever reproduce in a bottle... oh I forgot to pick up Lucy's bottle. *goes to find Lucy's milk bottle, leaving a giant towering pile of laundry unfolded* On my way there I saw a few random socks in the hallway which I picked up and carried into the bathroom to find the basket. Instead I find a sink full of Thomas the tank Engine. stuff the socks into my pocket. The trains needed to be dried right away because they're wooden and the paint flakes. I resolve to put the trains up and go in search of the train bucket. I find it, full of marbles. Marbles, I should mention that aren't even supposed to be taken down because Lucy puts everything in her mouth. I get irritated and call the kids in to give them a good lecture which I'm pretty sure goes right over their heads. Joe's eyes keep drifting around with his mouth opened a little bit, obviously not listening at all. Molly says, "I wont do it again." which is what she says 90 times a day. *face palm*

It's been even worse lately, everyone in the house has gotten a cold and I haven't been getting any sleep. I can't seem to remember if I said someone was supposed to go into time out or if they were supposed to be out of time out. Asking them gets me nothing but a strange look over their shoulder as they scamper away. I'm pretty sure they wonder if I've gone crazy already. I wonder that too. Have I always been so absent minded?

Lucy likes bananas... only if you've taken one bite out of them. If you don't take a bite first then she doesn't eat it. Last night I woke up with a horrible stabbing pain on my leg. I woke up frantically trying to see what it was. A game piece from connect four. Who knew a circle could hurt so badly. I absolutely hate spongebob, but it is the one and only show the kids sit and watch in a comatose state. Sometimes, you just need kids to be comatose.




Where was I?

Oh yeah, I need to go fold the laundry. Wait, what are these dirty socks doing in my pocket?

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