Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's 3am... I'm pregnant, I think we know what that means!

Another round of totally random things!!!! The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Theme Song

How to Draw Charlie Brown Dancing with Snoopy from Peanuts Comics : Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

1.) I woke up about an hour ago panicked because my legs were completely asleep. I opened my eyes too fast and they started burning like there was acid on them. It took a few seconds to realize and to see they were asleep because Molly, who had decided to climb into bed with us was apparently too tired to even finish the job and just draped her body over my legs on top of the covers. I had to wake Jerry up to move her. They are now cuddled together like pet and very obsessed animal lover.

2.) I bought fabric for Iris's quilt! I might refer to this as the "purple" quilt... because it was supposed to be purple. But then, when I actually got to the fabric store I couldn't control my hands putting the fabric bolts into the cart. Also, my coupon had expired which was my premiss for going shopping now instead of later in the first place. *sigh* don'ttellmyhusband.

I'm going to do the double pinwheel pattern.

From the top! creme (almost yellow) cotton for the background, green for the "points", pink for the "double side" and creme flannel on the bottom for the backing. What you can't see is that both the cremes and the creme in the green are the e.x.a.c.t. same creme. I was uber impressed. I am a little bit scared of the pink I picked for the accent. It is really really bright. But *breathe out* it is an accent, and bright is okay.

Here are some more pictures of the green:

and I also bought flannel for 2 two sided receiving blankets.

The second I saw the birds I was sold.

3.) My guilty pleasure is book purchases. I don't care if I found the books at a yard sale for $0.25 or if I bought the book for $24.99. A book to me is priceless and I feel rich knowing I own books. Although I do very specifically like getting books for free. I do not buy gobs of makeup, or scrapbook supplies. I do not over indulge in the purchase of expensive chocolates, shoes, purses, clothes or expensive electronics. I just like books. It's all I ever want.

4.) I broke my finger nail yesterday.

5.)  Today when my husband got home for work I literally word vomited all over him about the stress of picking a moses basket/crib/playpen with bassinet/cradle. It was like, the second he walked in the door. He looked startled then very very sweetly said, "Don't worry, I will take care of you and the baby." which was somehow what I needed him to say even though I didn't really know it and wasn't thinking he wouldn't. He is nice.

4.) It's his birthday and he is amazing. For his birthday we drove him to work, buying him coffee... well, he bought it for himself and one for me too. and then we met him for lunch a few hours later and then we had brownies for dinner because I forgot to defrost chicken. But for his birthday present *rawr* I put the kids down at seven... well, he put the kids down, but I... *blink blink* ... opened the brownie package from safeway.

5.) Today is also my birthday.

When I was little my Dad would wake us up with music blaring quite often. I loved it when I was little, was highly annoyed starting at 15 and loved it again at 18 when my parents were cool again. He always woke me to "A Very Happy Birthday to you" from the beetles on the morning of February 9th. I have since carried on the tradition of singing into my kids' faces until they get out of bed. They love it. And because of my Dad's persistence I shall be encouraged to carry on through the teen years when they want to stab me with #2 pencils and parent divorce me. But, I'm pretty sure I was talking about my birthday, not my Dad. Which leads me with the feeling of my heart being squeezed by a giant hand because if I had the picture that perfectly depicts my Dad I would post it. It is of him and I on the day I was born. Him wearing my knitted baby hat, love filling his face, and my mom laughing her head off at him. But I don't have the picture because someone I know burned all of our pictures from 2000 and back... enters the crushed heart feeling (and probably my compulsive need to take my kids' pictures every 30 seconds) not that I'm bitter.

6.) The boys got their haircuts today. It was the most expensive best experience ever, but I should dedicate a specific post just to it. I even took pictures (surprised!?). But what I wanted to say was that while we were there an older mom was there with her 4 year old. She was highly embarrassed of her flailing, screaming, scratching, crying, sobbing child. And I tried giving her friendly smiles while my two totally angel (looking) children sat there perfectly still while their hair was trimmed. I wanted to say to her, "This is the first time I haven't been the one flattening my son to the floor while the nice lady shaves his head. This is the first time his hair is actually getting styled and not butchered." and for some reason I didn't say anything. I thought about her the rest of the day and was so frustrated with myself. I wish I would have said something nice because while we were the only two people I there I KNOW how it feels to be the most horrible looking Mom ever. I always ended up either screaming at Joe or sobbing when he got his hair cut. Kids are a nuisance and getting their hair cut is NOT torture. It kind of shows you care and that you don't want people to be frightened of your kid. Seriously I'd know, Joe looks a lot like bam bam most the time.The korean women who cut the kids' hair were amazing and were completely at ease manhandling the children. It was perfect, sometimes children need to be manhandled.

7.) When I was 5 we moved to Japan and when I was 13 I visited the United States for the first time. The first night (and embarrassingly) almost every night after when I went to take a shower I found myself faced with a contraption I knew nothing about. Yes, the shower. I had NO FREAKING clue how to turn it on. I was so very highly sensitive to what other people thought (Wait, I still am) that I didn't want to fill the tub. So in true fake asian style, I squatted in the tub and splashed water all over myself. I also couldn't seem to figure out how to make the water hot so it was always a very quick shower splashing. Man... that was embarrassing.

8.) Sam needs a sign or small pin to wear that says, 'I have asthma, I am not ill." because you have NO IDEA how many judgmental looks I get from parents when my wheezing nasty coughing kid comes around. yes, Sam's cold came on over 6 weeks ago and his cough has lasted this long. He has junk in his lungs. Sorry lady, nothing I can do about it *going bat shit crazy* AND I"M NOT ABOUT TO STAY HOME UNTIL HE CLEARS UP OKAY!?!
But seriously, the old woman was talking about the kids SO loud at the books store. "Oh now those children are running all over the place. They're ill! I'm going to get sick!" And when I say "old lady" I really mean 40 year old. She was a super bitch because my kids were being really good while I was waiting in line. It's not like they were running around like crazy monkeys attacking people for their food! Although one of my children looks a lot like that tootsie in the middle.

But, I digress... or did I do that a looong time ago?


  1. I love you!
    I should be preparing the children to leave, but I would rather sit here and read your antics for hours on end.

    I rather like the music blaring idea. I will implement it this summer, but hold off telling Age until my birthday passes.

    Word vomit. lol. I picture nasty, puke covered letters spilling out of your mouth.

    That green fabric is awesome, and the pink will go nicely. I'm going to attempt to make a quilt top or two next weekend. You are inspiring.

    Happy Birthday, Dear. You are wonderful!

  2. Thank you so much! It's always good to be a distraction to people. "Word Vomit" is totally one of my favorite words because it does depict the nasty sudden splurging of food that makes you feel a little bit icky. :)

  3. How is that you ever have to wake your children up? If that ever happens to me I will sing to them. But I'm hoping I wont wake up before them until they are teenagers. That should be just in time to traumatize them with song :)
    It is fun to read your blog,is there a way I can get it sent to me? I am not up on these new fangled electric ways, like people who change their blog every 3 weeks :)