Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hiatus from my ordinary life

I'm home now, but for the last 6 days I was in Spokane visiting my family and friends, throwing my sister a baby shower, receiving a very surprising shower for Iris and taking one FULL day to drive home.

This afternoon I looked into the fridge to decide what we would have for lunch and found a lot of almost old food so I threw it all together to make a pot os spaghetti sauce, two pounds of cut up strawberries dipped in two week old frosting (though I'm not sure frosting goes bad) and lots of raw broccoli. It turned into a wonderful lunch.

I was going to complain about getting stuck on the pass, and about the horror of hearing Lucy vomiting in the back seat after 45 minutes of being stuck in 3 feet of heavy wet, falling snow and the panic I felt when a rescue worker told me worst case scenario I could be there overnight. Or the horror I felt again when I realized a few minutes too late that I had put my chains on upside down and lost them somewhere in the ever deepening snow. But I wont complain about that, or about Highway 18 being closed and having to drive through Seattle to get home. I wont complain that Lucy woke up at 6:30 and instead of sleeping in like I told my husband I was going to I had to get up with her because he was so heavily sleeping. I wont complain about any of that... because I"m listening to Iron and Wine.

I will say though that I love these little ones so very much today and feel so blessed to be their Momma. The friendship that is blossoming between my two girls is so precious to me.

Have I mentioned I brought snow with me?

(Here's our new car!)

Seeing Lucy be a toddler blows my mind. Her silly little personality shines. Don't get me wrong, I'm definetely not saying she has a sunny personality or anything like that. lol. But she has a very funny sense of humor. She loves to dance, and sing. And steal strawberries.

I guess that was pretty ordinary wasn't it?

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