Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby Prep 2011

It seems overly ridiculous that I could be posting this, especially since I so recently mentioned I was going to wait until the Just Between Friends sale May 1st. I knew it would be close, seeing as I'm due May 13th, but whilst in Spokane I was surprised by a baby shower!

We were at my sister's house working on the quilt for Iris... which we finished and it is now at the quilters! When we took a nice break for lunch and tea I settled in on the couch, chatting with my cousins and Elizabeth. I don't know how it came about but suddenly I was facing a very very large pile of presents, including a new moses basket from my family. Oh my goodness I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it was when I realized at the end of the day that I only needed some very choice items, like the swaddling blankets I have been coveting and a moses basket stand. Everything, down to socks, and wipes are now packed away ready for baby to arrive. It blows my mind. My sister even gave me a gorgeous little swing. What's more is that I loved every single little item I received. Coming home and showing Jerry the love that I recieved even moved him. His jaw was dropped open as I pulled out each little tiny outfit. I don't think there is anyway to express my gratitude. My Mom had even provided a chocolate cake, my aunt Linda even provided adorable little plates and napkins.

It feels so nice to have everything Iris will need , though we wont be able to set anything up until we move.

The baby will be placed here when not in use (Hopefully we will also get basket legs so we can avoid Lucy killing Iris)

Sam is too kind to pose with the box full of newborn and 0-3 size clothes, blankets and other new baby necessities.
Coming home from the hospital outfit. Keep your fingers crossed she doesn't have too bad of jaundice because babies with jaundice look terrible in white.

While I was in Spokane I also took advantage of my Grandma's Cricut and got a head start on Iris' birth announcements. When I told my husband how happy and accomplished I felt he very sarcastically said, "Wow what would we do if we had no birthing announcements? No one would know she was born!" and I laughed at him because they're not called, "Birthing" they are just called "birth". lol

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