Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4 am snowflake tutorial

Pregnancy insomnia has kicked in. Or pregnancy non-sleep I guess because I actually slept until 4am. So what better time to post a snowflake tutorial I've been meaning to post!!?

1. Square off your paper. It worked well for me to fold a triangle and then cut around it. Perfect square.

2. Fold a second triangle, your paper should now have 4 creases.

3. make 4 cuts, perpendicular to the back fold.

Your first piece of cut paper should look like so:

4. I did not get a picture of the glueing... my fingers were a bit... glued. However, you take the very center cuts and fold them onto each other, matching the points then putting a dab of glue, a small slice of tape OR a glue dot. Make sure you rotate each row in the direction you glue it.

repeat this first 4 steps six times.

Now glue the center and one corner together.

This might be a really horrible tutorial and if you agree then just look here for a better one. These are SO simple to make, though a tad time consuming. Ok, so just go there anyway. She has a cute blog.

Depending on your size of paper, that is how large the snowflake will be.

Enjoy!! :)


  1. Kaylen will love you forever. Thank you!

  2. Sorry about your pregnancy insomnia. You did a great job on the snowflake. Aren't they fun. Thanks so much for linking to my site. When is the baby due? Hang in there. Sleep will find you again. Take Care.

  3. Oh Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I am due on May 13th - I am counting down the days until I sleep well again, 18 years to go! :)