Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Party

We had a fantastic time ringing in the new year with the kids last night.  We had a dinner of pork chops, garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli. The kids absolutely love broccoli and filled themselves up on the greens before eating the meat... just like me, they're not much meat eaters. We spent a large chunk of time talking about all the things we will be doing this year... Joe starting Kindergarten, Sam going into cub scouts, Molly possibly going to preschool. Our new baby (unnamed) coming in May and Aunt's baby (Jack) coming in April... our boys are exactly due one month apart. We talked about all the things we've done this year and both Jerry and I teared up a bit. We've been through a lot. I spied a smile on his face though as Sam talked about his recount of the year. He can only remember the good, which is exactly as it should be. I wish I were more like a child in that area. :) We have been blessed this year though, and I can already see what's in store for us... so close I can almost touch it. This year is going to mean so much to us, to our family.

After dinner and clean up we made party hats and snow flakes to hang.

The kids were especially excited about the sparkling apple cider and wine glasses. Ooooo :)

We played games, had a fire in the fireplace while we watched movies and skyped with my parents until the three big kids started to fade. It was about 11 when they went to bed and immediately fell asleep. They slept this morning until 9:00am!

We took a family picture before Lucy went to bed at 8 on the camera timer... this was take 6 but I feel like it's perfect.

Jerry and I finished out our night toasting the rest of the sparkling cider and watching the ball drop in NY city. I have to say, year after year it gets more dissapointing. I don't want to watch any of that. Maybe next year we'll go somewhere... ocean shores maybe to watch the fireworks.

We could hear fireworks all around our house for about an hour but finally was able to drift to sleep at 1:30/2:00. It was a perfect evening spent with our favorite little people.

Happy New Year to you all and many happy returns.

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