Friday, January 14, 2011

New new new...

Yikes. This last week has been one of the craziest weeks ever. Ever ever. Maybe even ever. ever. ever!?!

My husband spends a lot of his time looking for amazing jobs. Jobs that pay a ton and have high ranking titles... like "chief of..." or "senior manager of..." so on and so forth. He finished his degree for a reason; to make real money and have a real "adult" job. He has a good job now. Very steady. He's on salary plus commissions. It's all right. It's very relaxed and he gets to take off if he "needs" to but he wasn't feeling full filled. He wants a job that he can go somewhere in. Promotions and feeling appreciated and stuff. So he spends a lot of time looking on various job sites...

He heard back from one and they asked him to take an online assessment so he obliged and kind of shrugged it off. There were a lot of people applying for the same position... over one hundred people!

But then, he got a call. He had a phone interview. He felt like it went okay, they asked the standard, "Have you ever dealt with a situation where you had to apologize." kind of questions. He's good at making people feel like he cares.

Then he got an e-mail.They wanted him to come in on Thursday to interview in person. It was in Fife WA. We live in Vancouver WA. That's two hours and some minutes away. He said, "It's a really good job." So I supported him. Then he came home and told me it was the craziest interview he'd ever had. He was actually a little stressed out when he got home. "It was like a personality test." He even admitted that he didn't know if he was going to get it. He's usually pretty cocky about this kind of stuff. *shrug* it's true. He thinks he's pretty awesome. ;)

So then they called on Friday morning at 9am and offered him the job. He had to go back that day to take a drug test and then he had to of course wait to pass the background checks including school, driving record, credit and criminal. Even though I couldn't believe it and thought "OMG! We have to pack nooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!" He wanted to wait for the actual offer on paper. We got it two days ago and his job starts on Monday.

In case you are wondering, OHMYGOD I am stressed out, but also very happy and excited for our family. After he interviewed and after they gave him the offer (on paper) we found out this is better than a REALLY good job. It's actually an amazing job and Jerry says he thinks he'll be able to retire there. *keeping my fingers crossed* And I feel bad enough making him go to work while I stay home so I am 100% supportive of moving. Not to mention my best friend lives about 20 minutes away and Jerry's family is over there too, less than an hour away, so we'll get to see them a lot! I am really looking forward to that because even though we've been married for several years we've never had the chance to spend much time with them, so this is going to be great!

So yesterday and today I have been packing madly. I've been cleaning, scrubbing, packing, taping and marker-ing boxes. When Jerry found me this morning with a Mr. Clean eraser and a white paint pen he was concerned. "Is this like moving therapy?" lol. Yes, yes, it is.

In case you're wondering if Jerry is helpful, I will put your mind at ease. Not one bit. He's great at moving what I ask him to but he's completely against "packing". "Kait, let's just put the dishes in a laundry basket." *face palm* "Ummm, No."

Where will we live? Good question! We don't know yet!! Kidding... kidding. Miraculously my Aunt called my mom the same day we got the (paper) offer and was looking for someone to stay in her house until April while they're on vacation. My mom said, "Call Kaitie!". The rest is "history"... three day old history. We're going to stay and house sit for them for a few months, hopefully in March we'll find our own house where I really really want to stay for a few years. Like 10. I have no desire to move now other than for the job so now that we have the "dream" job I never want to move again... until we retire and move to Hawaii. ;)

Anyway *phew*  now that you're all caught up I've got to get packing! Our moving truck arrives in 17 hours!

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