Monday, January 31, 2011

Multitude of Blessings 4

I'm loving where my kids are developmentally. Sam with his new love of reading and writing letters,

Joe with his new love of trying to write sentences...

and Molly's new found artistic side. She draws rainbows ALL the time. All the kids got drawing pads for Christmas and Molly's is full of rainbows, happy suns and spiders. The suns always start out as people then progressively turn into spiders or suns. it's so cute.

This is Sam's drawing of his "big family"; meaning aunties and uncles and cousins. Love it. They are his people. He is a terrible artist. :)

I went to Fred Meyer yesterday and found a coupon for BYG1F Crayola in the cart and then saw that the crayola isle was already on sale for .65 SO I bought big markers, small markers, colored pencils and crayons. New art supplies are always way exciting for the kids.

And to sum it all up, my big blessings are my kids being content for 5 hours to color and draw and write and trace. I love their little minds!

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