Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a wonder I even love them.

Let me present Sam.

5 YO M.

Very wild and naughty at bed time. He tells us it's Joe's fault that he can't just lay down and go to sleep. He tells us he needs his own room.

He presents with a giant cut on the left cheek bone from being hit in the face. With a baesball bat. At 10:30pm when he was supposed to be sleeping.

Also on the right side of his face, is a bruise. You can't see it but there's also a bit of nose swelling. This is from jumping and falling off the bed onto one of the bed posts.

Let this be a (nother) lesson to children everywhere, including my own children most of all (because I honestly don't care about your bedtime routines) that they should go ahead and follow the rules and GO TO SLEEP at bed time!

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