Sunday, January 30, 2011

Illness update. :)

Sam's cold is now deep in his lungs. Awesome. He has painfully chapped lips and nose.

Joe seems to have a tiny runny nose but isn't feeling ill. I did send him to bed medicated and when he woke up he seems fine. He never got a fever. Lucky!!

Molly was fine until about 1pm yesterday. I decided to bring her with me to Orting to make baby shower invitations. She sneezed like 10 seconds after we got there and then by the time we got home around 5pm she had a fever. She's miserable today, and grouchy...

Lucy is feeling better after 12 hours of sleep. I hate that I can't give her anything to decongest her, but we survived. She was bathed this morning to attempt to de-snotify her. Seriously, babies are gross.

I can hardly stand her cuteness. Isn't her dimple to die for!?!?

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