Friday, January 21, 2011


Today was Lucy's first time eating cold cereal with (soy) milk! She LOVED it and ate it right up. I was impressed with her use of the spoon and how carefully she was about not spilling the milk. She tends to be super picky about what she eats and I usually feed her apple sauce, rice pudding and blueberries for breakfast... cold cereal is much easier for both of us. :) Less blue poop too.

In other news, she's also finally, is consistently drinking from her sippy cup... at 15 months. She likes apple juice (30 juice -70 water) and soy milk. Unlike the other kids, she's not very interested in water.

I'll just go ahead and add here that she only has ONE tooth left coming in (bottom right canine) and then she'll be done. DONE! AHHHHH!!!! Done!

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