Saturday, January 8, 2011

The end of two

Molly, my beautiful third born turned three. It was beautiful, fun, full of excitement and giggling. She is my favorite three year old.

She's been potty trained for almost a full year now, singing for almost 2 years and I think her 3rd year will be full of imagination. She has a lot of creativity bouncing around in her brain.

Birthday crown failure, I have to fix the elastic... it's much much too small.

Painted toe nails... how very three year old of her.

Birthday medals, I found them in Leavenworth two years ago and the kids love them every time.


See? I told you, giggling.

Birthday bath with her new bubble bath. :)

Birthday cake WITH Tigers. How much cooler can you get? :) She loves these little animals.

Her wish was to play the DS after dinner. lol.

Her party was great, afterwards we watched the Little Mermaid. She really enjoyed it and had all these amazing faces showing exactly what she was feeling about each scene. Mouth gaping open when the sea witch took Ariel's voice and looked surprised when her Dad gave her legs. It was great.

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