Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And we're here.

The two hours it took to drive here passed very quickly. We had one bathroom break, simply because I had to force myself to chug a venti latte just to survive the morning. I was soo soo tired. We had stayed up late and woke up early and still weren't all ready to leave. How can people pack in three days? It's insane. We drove to our rented storage unit first and I tried to gather strength to help with unloading. Jerry had already decided he would be doing all the work, but he really did all the work packing and loading the truck. I felt almost like I was in a depressed fog only I wasn't in the least bit depressed... just really tired and cloudy.

My Aunt and Uncle pulled up behind us, having called Jerry and gotten directions a few minutes before. It took us about 15 minutes to unload the truck. The kids waited in the car without screaming or breaking out in a fight. Lucy honked the horn at us over and over.

It's Wednesday now, I'm super exhausted still. I'm not sleeping too well at night because I'm still not used to the house noises. They have the loudest furnace ever.

I spend my days trying to keep the kids quiet and out of my Aunt's way while she packs and gets ready to leave for a few months of Arizona sunshine. It's a little bit tiring. They're leaving in the morning so I think I'll feel a little more at ease letting Lucy cry a few minutes before rushing to get her.

I used her 900 year old kirby this afternoon and almost died. That thing is incredibly difficult to use. I didn't realize until I was almost done with the whole house that it wasn't advisable for a prego like myself to be pushing and pulling it around. The pain came crashing down on my hip and I laid on the couch for about two hours while the kids slept and I laughed at myself. I am terrible at being pregnant and also I have no muscles, they've all deteriorated into mush. I have pregnancy muscles... the ones you need to push the baby out and for the most part the one you need to carry the giant abdomen. A couple doses of tylenol and not moving has helped and I'm feeling restored. I think I'll leave the vacuuming to Jerry.

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