Thursday, January 27, 2011

25 Weeks Pregnant

Yep, finally I'm 25 weeks along. There was some confusion there for awhile how far along I was. But in the end the baby measures 25 weeks.

And in 5 weeks I get to begin the preparation for our new baby, Baby Iris Sophia. Traditionally I start serious planning and purchasing and quilt making at 30 weeks. Of course I spend some of my time now planning to plan for her. I have quite a few baby items from my previous girls so I don't need much to prepare for her, however I have a few things that I just plain ol' want.

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Pilot caps. I found these at Hannah anderson, but I'm looking for a pattern to make my own. I like that they tie on because I can't stand baby hats that pop off. Plus.. hello, they are adorable. I believe babies should wear a hat all the time regardless of the amount of silly hair they have.

Infant Insert - Natural baby carrier

Ergo infant insert. I have the brown ergo carrier and I think this would be a nice addition. I also have a moby wrap which I'll probably use for awhile early on. Their sweet little bodies are just so cute and snug in a moby. I like carrying the baby with me always. Lucy, up until about 3 months ago or so was worn almost constantly while she was awake. okay, and sometimes sleeping. Granted, she is one of the crabbiest children you'll ever meet... hopefully Iris will be full of smiles and baby giggles.

dreamer sleeping bag

Aidan and Anais dreamer sleeping bag. There are certain things that a baby should just have. :) Doesn't this look so warm? I love muslin a lot a lot. I'll need to buy a few swaddle blankets too because I just LOVE Lucy's swaddle blanket she has... only it's very very much hers. I put away all the receiving blankets a few months ago now so hopefully when I pull them out she will share with the baby.

A quilt. In our family each baby receives a special quilt on the day they're born. Sam's quilt is the ohio star made with fabric that matched his nursery. Joe's was blue, white and red nine patch. Molly's is a completely gorgeous pink on pink "Rob Peter and Pay Paul" applique. Lucy has a green, pink and yellow six patch. I found a quilt I really like for Iris. And in keeping with her name it's going to be purple, green and cream. I can't seem to find a picture, but that's okay because sometimes it's hard to envision a quilt when it has the wrong colors.

For now that's it. I'm getting very excited for her impending arrival.

Her ultrasounds show a healthy heart and a rapidly growing baby. She's right on track... once again I hope she has brown eyes and brown curly hair like her big sister Lucy.

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