Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zoo Lights

Early this fall my parents came to visit and bought us a family Plus Pass to the Oregon Zoo. We've only been once since we've had some car trouble but this weekend Jerry rented a car so we could finish up some holiday shopping and so we could do something festive with the kids. This morning he took Molly, Joe and Sam to the Portland Children's Museum (which we bought a pass for the weekend we moved here) and then this afternoon I went grocery shopping and when I got home I remembered we have a free pass for Zoo Lights with our membership.

It was raining very hard when we were talking about going so I left the girls home with Jerry and bundled the boys up in sweatshirts and winter gear.

We had a blast!

Even though we had to wait in line for a little under an hour; there were so many many people visiting the Zoo with us!

Joe was SOOOO excited to ride the train and had on the biggest smile I've ever seen on his sweet little face.

Sam wasn't really that impressed with the light show, I wasn't either but it would be fun to ride the train again when the animals were out. We went at 7:30pm so most the animals were already bedded down.

Sam ran up to this polar bear and gave it a giant hug then requested a picture with it. He is too funny.

Self portrait failure.

Happy Holidays! :)

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