Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Ornaments

One of our traditions is to give the kids a new ornament for the tree every year. The thought behind this is that when they are old enough to have their own tree they'll have a tree full of ornaments! We also buy our selves one so that when they are gone we still have some ornaments.

Lucy also got an ornament but I didn't get any pictures as she was already in bed. It's an adorable pine cone bird painted a cute hue of blue.

I found all their ornaments at World Market, where I've found their ornaments for two years now. I'm hoping in August we can go to Kris Kringle Markt in Leavenworth. It's an amazing shop that sells Christmas ornaments and decorations year round. That place is so magical!

I was super sad last night when the kids were playing around and broke our pickle ornament. It's a fun game to play, on Christmas Eve night we hide the pickle on the tree and who ever finds it first gets to open the first gift. While I'm not really "into" blown glass ornaments I do love the pickle. It wont be hard to replace. :)

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