Thursday, December 16, 2010

My little artist

Joe is my little "arter"(his word for himself). I love his drawings and the things he creates. I can always tell when he is in an "arting" (his word) mood because he very seriously puts a pencil behind each ear, making them stick out a little and walks around with his "arting" lips on, that is gathered to one side.

"Momma, can I Kah-lur?" and I get down his art supplies and he sets to work. He creates some pretty in depth things... like space ships that have "bammers" on them to "bam" the bad guys. His pictures usually fill the entire piece of paper with intricate little lines... and sometimes his art spills over his pages on to the table top. Oops.

He also loves to use the magna-doodle. He uses this constantly and there is always a picture on there these days. Sam is not so artistic and hates to color or write so I am so extra thankful that Joe is especially creative. In more than just drawing or coloring too. He has a very colorful array of words he's made up. "Flatchlafla" and the like, though it usually also has a made up meaning too so trying to understand him is sometimes pointless.

I think anyone who's met Joe agrees that he is only on this planet maybe 20% of the time.

Recently Jerry was playing a trick on Joe and pretended that Joe's dinosaur, Flombat ate some money. Joe immediately ran to get his magna doodle and drew an x-ray of his dinosaur to see if it were true.

Sadly it was.

Have no fear after a few compressions the dime and two pennies safely exited the dinosaur rather noisily through the rear. What can I say? Boys will be boys.

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