Saturday, December 4, 2010

Felt Christmas Chain Anyone?

Sadly, this picture isn’t minebut it’s where I got the idea. I purchased some white, green and red wool felt this afternoon and am planning to make a Christmas chain. I’ll make 24 links with Velcro at the closure for easy removal.

Christmas Felt Chain Garland

I also purchased some totally adorable fabric for new stockings. I look at new stockings every year from pottery barn kids and think that’s what I want! This year I got a stocking pattern and they’re so simple to make. It only calls for 2/3 yrd of fabric and a fat quarter. This afternoon Sam and I hopped on a bus and caught a ride to the craft store where I found the fabric. I need to decide how we’ll identify them. I’ll either embroider our names or just an initial. Most exciting of all is that I’m making 7 so that the new baby will have a matching one next year!

Other than that I’ve ordered a few things online (razor scooters for the boys and a pink radio flyer tricycle (with a basket where her dolly can sit) for Molly.) I’m having trouble deciding what to get the kids even though I had made a very reasonable list. As always, I want to move away from plastic and so I’ve been looking into wooden barns with fun farm animals for them as a joint gift. I have no doubt in my mind they wont enjoy it, but we’ve occasionally purchased toys from like, Melissa and Doug and the kids broke them. Joe got a Ryan’s room firehouse two years ago and the kids broke all the doors, the rescue copter and some of the people within 6 months. ugh. There are tons of things the kids will enjoy of course but I have some pretty strict requirements. Mostly that it will last the loving, that it is mostly washable, open ended and I like to stay away from PLASTIC. I mean, I’m ok with plastic toys but I mean very plastic toys. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Anyway we’re getting more and more excited!!!

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