Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Christmas Party

Every year since long before my time my Mom's side of the family has a Christmas party the weekend before Christmas. It has changed over time of course as there are many more cousins now rather than Aunts. In fact there were only 7 of the original 10 siblings there this year and a grand total of 63 (I can't remember the exact number but I believe it was in the 60's) people.

First we eat! Everyone brings food.

Then we had entertainment - a local ventriloquist who kept everyone laughing.

After he was done we all sang christmas carols until Santa arrived! He had a bag full of presents for all the little kids!

Sam opened his present and said, "Hey! I didn't order this!" Haha! He hadn't put it on his letter to Santa. But he loves it none the less - a real scientist's goggles.

After their presents were distributed they ran off to play and the adults got to do our gift exchange. We play that stealing game, I'm not sure what the name is, but it's lots of fun though you should never set your heart on anything because some people get a bit upset when someone steals their present.

I was pretty happy though and came away from the party with a new toaster oven - 4 slices at once! :)

Lucy was a super pill on the way over and then all day Saturday so when Saturday night came around I was very weary of how she was going to act but it all turned out well as she fell fast asleep and slept through the whole party. She didn't have to worry about people looking at her one bit. *phew*! :)

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