Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of a Year

We wanted to finish out the year on a happy note, finishing projects before the ball drops. We spent a few hours this morning cleaning things and replacing the faucet in the kitchen. I finished up all the laundry including clean sheets. I still have to finish the bathroom. I like to finish the old year with a clean house. After lunch we needed a bit of exercise and we wanted some coffee to get us through the rest of the afternoon.

So we took a very chilly walk as a family to Starbucks - man, I love that place.

There is a large undeveloped parcel of land between our house and Starbucks. It's a quick short cut to walk through despite the muddiness. The boys got out some energy playing "race" which is like a game of chase.

In the field is a large pond/puddle where the kids threw some rocks then Jerry found a large shard of ice and he tossed it into the middle then they all cheered.

It was frigid. Very very frigid.

We collected a pine bough for a new year project which I will share about in a later post. For now I have the christmas decorations to put away and a bit of prep for our new years "party" with the kids.

Happy Holidays Friends.

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