Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Eve in Spokane

I'm not sure we'll be able to do it every year, but for as long as we can we will. It's been so nice for the kids to see my family and get to spend a lot of time with them... I hope they still love us when we leave.

Side story! A few weeks ago my mom and sister were driving on Sprague in the Valley and they saw an old woman fall and not move. My mom and sister are so sweet and tender hearted; they pulled over and ran to help her. I can't remember the woman's name... Myrtle, Marge... something like that, had broken her nose and her wrist. My mom packed the woman up in her car and drove her to Valley Medical Center, then spent 3 hours waiting with her while they tried to sort out where she belonged. Apparently this 81 year old woman had taken a bus from the S. Hill to the Valley to pick up her dentures she had ordered month ago. She had left the retirement home she lived in early and no one had even noticed that 8 hours later she was missing. Everything worked out and she was returned home all patched up. While my Mom was waiting with her she discovered poor *insert woman's name* had no plans for Christmas and was a very sad soul indeed.

Back to Christmas Eve. My mom and sister packed the kids, dressed in their Christmas best up and drove to visit the woman at the retirement home. Apparently the kids were a big hit. Joe gave the elderly people "wiggly hugs", Sam told jokes and Molly passed out peppermints and was generally her adorable self. I wasn't there so I didn't get any pictures.

Jerry and I stayed home to wrap presents and do some laundry.

After lunch we met my parents, sister, brother, aunts, some uncles and a cousin at my Grandma's house. She had pneumonia and had been so sick so she hadn't been out and we hadn't been to see her. She was on the up and up and on antibiotics so we got to be there when she got her present. She is 84 this year and it's always great to spend another year with her. It was a quick stop because she was getting ready to leave for mass. She's such a character and I love her to death.

Jerry and the kids broke out in a snowball fight in her front yard before we headed home for festivities!

Yeah! Get him guys!

After we got home we dove into our traditional Christmas feast and I took a three hour nap. Lucy slept horribly the entire time we were there... like waking up 6 - 8 times a night, crying incessantly every waking moment and not letting ANYONE besides me hold her. When Jerry joined us on the 23rd I checked out and asked my self over and over why we were having another baby (since then I've stopped asking and Lucy has returned to her ordinary horrible self. *phew*)

My Dad finished up our Advent books with "The Night Before Christmas" after the kids opened their Christmas Eve gift - new matching jammies!

Uncle Chad helped the kids hang their stockings with great care.

We sang a christmas carol or two...

And Jerry gave the Christmas toast.

After the kids were snug in their bed, some of us went out to the hot tub to soak, smoke or stand around looking cold. While it was very relaxing I am looking forward to next year when we have a 6 month old baby and I wont be so exhausted (wait, I mean I hope...) and most of all I'll be able to partake in some Christmas spirits... particularly my Dad's famous Huckleberry Cello he makes ONLY on special occasions. In fact I might make it a new years resolution: Drink more in 2011... yes, that sounds nice.

Merry Christmas Eve!

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