Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

We had big plans for Christmas but thinking back now makes me laugh. My BIL still had the Santa suit from the Caldwell Christmas Party and we decided someone should climb on the roof next to the kids' window and shake the sleigh bells, then the kids would run and look over the balcony and there he would be, standing in his full Santa suit glory putting one more present under the tree. The kids would run down the stairs while he left through the garage and by the time they would get downstairs he would be gone. Wouldn't that have been magical!?! My parents even arrived at 6:30am so we could pull it off before the kids woke up... but it didn't happen and honestly I don't even know why. I think everyone was just exhausted.

We had an amazing farm breakfast. My mom brought potato patties they had frozen that came from their garden, Amanda (my sister) had sausage from their pig, I intended to make muffins (but I didn't. Remember? Exhausted.) and we waited until 10:00 to open presents.

I'm not sure we'll ever do that again. The kids were great up until a few minutes before we started opening. They were SO antsy to get going and started picking fights with each other. Lucy was put down for a nap and then we woke her up so she could be with us too. My nephew, Lucas was adorable and was SO excited to rip open the presents. I think he must have spent all of december trying to crawl under the tree and get his hands on some. :)

My kids got a ridiculous, embarrassingly over the top amount of gifts. Am I not supposed to say that? We hardly fit them all in the SUV for the ride home! They are loved. We are loved.

A new shiny pink tricycle for my favorite Molly girl. She knew it was for her the second she saw it.

The kids each got a Pokemon plush in their stocking. I may not love Pokemon, I know a lot of people don't... but I love them, and they love them. Here is the Pokemon Mobile. :)

My brother, Max was Santa's helper this year and passed all the presents out.

Our very best shot of cousins in matching jammies. the

Every year we make Papa something from handprints (2007: stepping stones, 2008: Reindeer ornaments, 2009: Snowmen fingerprint ornaments 2010: Santa salt dough handprint ornaments)

Max and Holly gave Molly this beautiful tutu set, which she loved. My brother Spencer told her "Molly, you're so cute." and she made a funny face then says, "I just tooted."

Traditional post Christmas nap.

We left at 6pm to return home in hopes of a few days to regain normalcy, to attempt to catch up on sleep before some of us (mainly me) died from lack of sleep. It was so nice to spend the holidays with my family, so nice to see Spencer and get to spend some time with him before he went back to CA and is deployed again. That's right, that cute little guy is a big burly Marine and my hero. Love you Spence. :)

And Merry Christmas to all my friends, family, random blog readers and people who stalk me.

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