Monday, December 20, 2010

CDA Santa Cruise

A few days after we got to Spokane we had a surprise for the kids! We bundled them up (I have no idea what temperature it was but inside my wool peacoat with a scarf, gloves, hat and long underwear I was FREEZING) and headed the 40 minutes East to Coeur d'Alene. We had never been on the cruise before but the kids loved it. It was about 30 minutes across the lake to a boat house that was all decked out in Christmas lights. When the doors opened there was Santa, Mrs. Claus and a few Elves. They had a loud speaker and he spoke for a few minutes to the kids about being good all year then he got out his list and read off the name of the kids on the good list. My kids were SO surprised to hear their names (I'm not sure why, they're really good kids!) and then we went back inside to have hot cocoa while the boat took us home.

Jerry didn't join us in Spokane until the 23rd and it was very sad for us not to be together during all this festivities. :/ We missed you Daddy!

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