Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent season is upon us!

Our advent activities have begun!!

On day 1 we pulled out all our Christmas decorations and listened to Christmas music while we decorated!

Day 2 was a little less succsesful. We set up our Christmas tree but all our lights weren’t working so  now we have to figure that out before we can finish decorating. :) I am tossing back and forth the idea of making new stockings this year. We kind of have some thrown together stockings and last minute last year we realised Lucy didn’t even have a stocking so we went and grabbed the last one available… for $o.99.

We started a tradition last year of wrapping 24 Christmas books and letting one of the kids open 1 book each night before bed. They LOVE this tradition! I will share the books we’ve wrapped and some pictures soon!

Just so you can all get as horribly excited as I am I shall share some very exciting news on the blog front. I should be getting a new computer next week. EEK! No more fear of electrocution, no more 45 minutes to upload 1 photo… I can hardly wait. I know I’ll be far more encouraged and excited to blog more. Words only go so far!

I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season, if not don’t fret; it’s only the 3rd today!!!

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