Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tomorrow is only a day away.

I love my little family. I love being stuffed into our teeny tiny apartment where we can hear the kids breathing from across the house. I love having spent time together, though I’m guilty of occasionally not wanting to spend the time with them.

Currently Joe is jumping around flapping  his arms and screaming all kinds of made up words while Sam and J have a pokemon battle. Molly is reading her bible on the couch and sweet Lucy is walking around screaming. It’s like every night and like no other night. I try to remind myself of that. These are the days that we’ll remember and I need to remember more to do extra snuggling, extra picture taking and extra memory making. More time spent together, less time spent shooing them from underfoot. It seems like the same monotonous battle every day, but it’s not. Everyday there will be a fresh start with no mistakes in it. Tomorrow there is so much possibility… maybe Lucy’s stubborn molars will pop through and she will be happy not angry.

Tonight I’m taking a deep breath and remind myself tomorrow is a new day, with new adventures in store. Tomorrow I’ll be able to put away the drip drying car seat covers and have dinning room chairs back. Tomorrow I’ll get to put away the remnants of our trip to my parents’ this weekend.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. Maybe tomorrow will be brighter.


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