Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas is coming!!

very year I try to find ways to make our holiday season go smoothly, to make sure we get to do all we want to do and to get in all those Christmas traditions.

Our advent calendar is full of wonderful, amazing and magical things. All of this to keep us in order and organised. We try to incorporate the celebration of St. Nicholas, the birth of Jesus and other less holy things like hanging up our stockings and putting cookies out for Father Christmas on the eve of Christmas.

Our handmade Christmas is very slowly chugging a long. The quilt I’m working on has been sitting on the ironing board in our living room for two weeks and the board book for Lucy and the library bags for Joe and Molly are just sitting around. I still have time.

Again, I have no pictures. I hardly ever pull my camera out. November has been a bit tough for us and I just feel a bit down. I’m sure pregnancy hormones having nothing to do with it ;) .

I feel as though December must be better. I’m already anticipating the magicalness of putting the tree up and turning the lights on for the first time… and the first time Lucy eats part of the tree or possibly destroys a couple of our advent books. Oh well.

Our first activity will be to get our our Christmas decorations out and decorate the house. A pre-curser to this will be the need to clean and reorganize the house. Ugh. But I am so excited anyway. I’m happy for the work and preparation as well as for the excitement of the kids. J and I are both criers for heartwarming situations. He is more likely to get a wet eye than I am so I know when the kids find the joys of the holidays and I’m touched that he will be as well and most likely than not, he’s already shed a tear before I have. ;)

Back to organizing and planning. Back to lists and recipe books.

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