Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lucy Kathleen

I don’t think I could even aptly describe our baby girl. She is so unique that sometimes I feel like I don’t even know her myself.  All I can say is that she is a very particular child. She is not a snugly baby but we are required to hold her for about 5 minutes when she first wakes up and then she’s content to play on her own until she is hungry or needs a diaper change. She is very independent and very serious. Her brown eyes are so serious and so deep. Her cheeks pull her mouth into a little frown that I can hardly resist. She is just so adorable. When she is upset she does not want to be comforted, she wants to get revenge. She’s very calm and quiet but when that child is angry God help us all. She “attacks” the kids all the time. If she doesn’t want them near her or wants their toy she will scratch, bite, pinch or attempt to claw at their eyes. The kids don’t ever get upset about it because J and I can’t help but laugh… she’s just so evil, so they laugh too. It really is so hard to describe her.

She can walk now, dances with a totally straight face claps her hands without smiling and the few times we’ve heard her laugh we weren’t sure if she was crying or laughing. Her laugh reminds me of a movie I saw where this really really grumpy old man laughed for the first time in years and he hardly knew how. Laughter and joy do not come naturally to her, but she is incredibly smart. She turns pages of books and works works works all the time on her little baby skills. Put and take is her absolute favorite past time, though I’m not sure she gets any pleasure from it. She’s like a little drill Sargent and just keeps going and going until she’s dead tired. She’s so very easy, falls asleep very easily, loves to be carried in the ergo carrier or sits in her stroller. I can tell the things she enjoys because she will sit very calmly and just look around. She is very silent except for when she is angry at which time she can scream SO loud. She is VERY interested in putting everything she sees into her mouth. She isn’t doing it to eat it but just to have something in there and it’s pretty gross. I’m not sure I could love her more and there isn’t anything about her I would change…

She can say Mama, Dada and no. She can sign more and all done.

My little butter baby. :)

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