Sunday, October 31, 2010

Handmade Christmas

Last year we made a ton of our presents to other people by hand and I also made a ton of Christmas presents for the kids by hand! I’ll recap here pretty soon from last year and I’ll share also what I’m going to and what I want to do this year… but only for the kids – the others are a surprise!

I like toys that are open ended, Montessori type toys and love things that are homemade. This year I’m going to be making some homemade art supplies for Molly and Joe since they both LOVE to do art projects. I threw away our Play dough and a lot of our art things from last year due to a cramped house and because we weren’t using them and the play dough dried out and all 7 colors were a shade of brown/grey.

So without further ado I give you, “my kids’ christmas list!”

The thing I am most excited about is the art stuff since that is the most popular form of play right nowalways.

A woman I used to be in a playgroup with makes adorable crayons rolls. She actually makes a ton of adorable stuff but the crayon rolls have stuck with me. I was thinking of ordering one from her (and if she had an etsy shop I would totally link to her, but she doesn’t.) but then realised I could totally make it myself.

This is a picture from an etsy site made by “HappyBabeeandBeeyond” and she sells them for $6.00


I’ll make it with a slot for 12 crayons. One for Joe and one for Molly. Sam does NOT like to color and we don’t do too many crafty things after he gets home. I don’t want it to be unfair but I don’t want to put the money and the time into something he wont like. SO I wont. :)

My next project is really exciting to me. I’m not sure exactly what it’s called but it’ll be something like this:

Chair Caddy/Pocket

I found this here and it sells for $12.00. Mine will be a little bit different. I’m going to make it with 100% cotton so it wont be so “saggy” looking. I’m going to try to make a more square pocket by adding a strip along the bottom and I’d like to possibly find a way to have it zip closed or have a loop and hook or something. The one above looks like if it were bumped into, the contents would be dumped to the floor.

I’m also going to be putting an art kit together. It’ll include the crayon roll, a a sketch pad which I found at a local toy shop, Beesewax modeling clay which I’m going to buy here for $14.99. I kind of hate the wet feeling of play dough and how quickly it dries out and everything about it. I recently read an article on beeswax and how it’s easier to handle and to mold. Plus it’s all natural and hand made! I’m also going to include a hammer and roller set from Kaplan. I’m going to make them aprons with adjustable strings. The aprons will be red and they will say, “Thing 1″ and “Thing 2″. :) I’m also making all 4 kids library bags.

Here’s the the I’m most excited about!!! The fabric!!!

So those are a handful of projects and gifts I’ve thought up. I tend to think about Christmas all year round.

I’ll post another time about what else our Christmas will include! :)

This week has been grade A craptastic. I’m not sure if ‘craptastic’ can anyhow be linked to anything good but for fear of confusion I shall tell you this week has been anything but good. BAD BAD BAD.

I know this is not true but it seems like I’ve dealt with more poop and vomit this week than ever in my life. Yes, it’s true I very easily forget the bad, or the good… okay everything. I just focus on the here and now and the past just becomes blurrier as the days go on. Monday was good I guess, with taking Molly, Joe and Lucy to the Children’s Museum for a Members only Halloween party.  But then after that it was all bad.

Okay well there was another good part of the week and that is when I woke up on Monday morning without feeling the least bit sick! For the first time in weeks upon weeks I didn’t throw up once or feel naucious at all and that has carried on until now. I don’t have one sign of morning sickness and on top of that I have more energy so I’m usually able to make it through a full day now without a nap and when bed time comes around I’m perfectly able to fall asleep and stay asleep.

I will only mention one instance of the horribleness of this week and that included a big fat migraine that took over me all day yesterday. I suppose it could have been worse. Joe and Molly were perfectly content to cuddle in bed with me or play on the floor with little people. Lucy slept until 6am then went down for her first nap at 8 until noon then 1:30 until 5 so I had lots of time I could be in my room with the lights off and when J got home he let me stay in there all night.

And though I spent hours and hours carving the guts out of 3 giant pumpkins to use as part of our trunk or treat decoration, both the car which is dead and currently residing in a mechanic waiting for us to empty it so it can be sold for scraps and the pumpkins which took two VERY short days to completely rot on my counter have ruined any chance of us having a trunk to trick out. We’re still going tonight and the kids are looking forward to it and it even looks like it wont rain.

Okay, now that I’ve gone over all of that it doesn’t look as  horrible as it was. But it has been a horrible week and has left me with tight muscles and feeling cold… which is my body’s really lame way of combating stress or tiredness.

Well now that we’re car free I’m off to walk all the kids to Sam’s school for Parent teacher conferences. wish us luck it takes less than 20 minutes to walk that far, otherwise we’ll be late.

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