Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween 2010 was crazy. Every holiday J and I say to each other, “next year we’ll do better” and this was no different. I had heard from a bus stop Mom that all the kids in the apartments walk around and get a ton a ton of candy. Of course I bought 5 huge bags of candy.

Getting ready to head out was seriously hell. The kids have all been randomly putting their costumes on all week, all my kids love to dress up. When I see them wearing them I always tell them to put them back in the basket in my room. Of course thinking they actually put it in the basket was my fault and the 40 minutes of searching for Molly’s tutu and Joe’s stethoscope was my punishment.

I waited for at least one trick or treat-er to come before sending the kids out but then we saw ALL the neighborhood kids walking out of our complex and away. We waited a few more minutes then I headed out with the three big kids and Jerry stayed home to watch the world series keep Lucy from getting scared.

There were 2 porch lights on in our whole complex. 1 person handed out one piece of wax lips each and the other woman who answered her door was shocked. “OH MY GOD. Is it Halloween?” So we left the lame-o’s here and walked into a “real” neighborhood. There was one Dracula trick or treat-er ahead of us by two houses and that’s it. We only found 6 houses with porch lights on after a full hour of walking. Oh well, I figured we’d come home to hand out candy and that would be very fun for the kids right?

Wrong. Our only trick or treater came at 9:55 and was a full grown mentally retarded adult dressed as a giant chicken. I didn’t answer the door.

The good news is we still have 5 bags of candy. The sad news is each kid only got roughly 8 pieces each for all their work.

They still had a blast, wore costumes and watched Casper before heading out. Every house we went to Sam, Joe or Molly would say, “spooooooky” in a ‘ghosty’ kind of voice.

Molly was SO scared of one of the houses for real though. The house had a graveyard in the lawn and two corpses getting married by the front door. All the lights in the house were off except for the porch light and when we walked up the path a sensor sent a woman screaming in pain from a radio on the roof. Someone who lived there was in the marine corp. They had bumper stickers on their massive trucks and a flag. The people who answered the door were dressed as immortals from 300. Sam demanded to know what kind of Jedi he was (I think he was trying to be brave) and the guy said he was an immortal. He had a voice box and it was super creepy. I felt kind of scared and so did Molly. Her cat like reflexes kicked in and she was clawing onto my neck in less than a second. When we walked away I think all the kids were spooked. Joe said, “HEY! Let’s go trick or treat DAD!” and they all laughed and ran home.

Yes, we fought them into bed and listened to them talking, laughing and fighting for about 3 hours. But we survived, they’re tired and Sam happily went off to school to ask his friends about their halloweens.

Next year we’ll just do trunk or treat and maybe a harvest party. I think we’ll skip trick or treating.

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