Sunday, September 12, 2010

We're locals now that we've got library cards

We googled the library and headed on down to get cards last week. J and I were very surprised by the cinder block jail-esque appearance. The inside honestly wasn’t better. It had the smallest children’s section I’ve ever seen

J and I didn’t have much better luck finding books for ourselves, almost everything we looked up was at a different library. We went home with one book each very disappointed. A few days later I went to change the information on my drivers license and passed a different library which is connected to the Community Center. And wow! It was a gorgeous library with huge windows and an amazing children’s section. They have a really awesome story hour Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. They have no less than 5 isles with magazines. It’s nice that it’s even closer to us than the other one.

I was especially excited to look in on the Community Center. I’m not even sure Spokane HAS a comunity center but this was amazing. We have to wait and see was J’s schedule is going to be like before we get a “membership” since I’m not too keen on the idea of taking the kids on the bus. The membership is a lot cheaper than the YMCA but this looked like it had even more programs and classes than the Y does. If we join I think I’ll look into swimming lessons for Molly and Joe while Sam is at school.

I just love all there is to do here!

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