Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Portland Children's Museum

Unfortunatly this is the only picture I managed to get while we were there. I wasn’t too worried about it though since we picked up a pass. :)

We took a very scenic trip there (aka got lost) and arrived not at 10am when it opened but at noon when there were a bazillion people. It was still fun, the kids ran all over the place and tried out the many many many different areas. The Children’s Museum, as well as the Forestry Museum and other attractions are located in Washington Park.

”Washington Park is a 332-acre park that offers sweeping panoramic views, play and picnic areas, tennis courts, a zoo, and an amphitheater for outdoor concerts. It is one of Portland’s oldest and best-loved parks.” (from I can certainly believe it’s one of the most well loved parks. It is amazing.

The museum sells lunch (for a scandelous amount of money) or you can bring your own and can find tables throughout your museum experience so you can eat when your kids get hungry. All the kids loved it, even Lucy who was mostly content to sit in her stroller with her wide eyes and loved it even more when I took her out to play in the “baby garden”. We ended up being there for over 2 hours and didn’t even see it all.

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