Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last park day of 2010

There is something about actually being back on the west side that does my heart good. I just feel like I belong here, and I’ve never felt that anywhere else.

There is so much going on in nature here all the time, this morning we saw a slug and the kids were enthralled! I love being outside and I get this welled up feeling of gratuity when I’m out there. It’s like my mind is cleared from the clutter of life and I can openly see the things I have.

Today as I stood shivering at the bus stop and marveling over the amount of squirrels in our yard, the slug, the abundance of acorns and the sound of the kids’ feet crunching on fallen leaves I felt something in me click; I am blessed beyond measure.

Even when I stepped through the slider and was instantly warmed I smiled a little and hugged Lucy a little tighter in her little fleece jacket, I just love fall.

I miss my family on the East side of the state. My mom was telling me all about her adventures canning her apples and getting ready for the winter. It can be a very harsh winter with feet and feet of snow, snow storms knocking out power, cars being buried by snow plows… that I do not miss. I miss the family time.

I miss sitting around Mom and Dad’s fire pit while Dad smokes his pipe and we talk about everything and nothing. I miss holding my nephew (he’s just 5 months old and looks SO much like my brother) and it saddens me to think he’s growing up without me and I know that since I live so far away I’ll never be as involved in his life as if I were living a few miles away. I miss looking over my mom’s fabric stash and wondering what we could make out of it… in fact I think that’s what we did most of the time. I tried doing that by myself and opened my fabric boxes and looked in them… but it just wasn’t the same. Mom is so much more creative than I am.

But I am so thankful for there here and now and for the things I have and the people that are surrounding me.

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