Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's the thought that counts!

I truly believe that Mothers have good intentions. For instance, I purchased apples and caramels to make caramel apples. I wanted to send one to Sam’s teacher on the first day of fall, which would be today. However I left the caramels too close to the stove and they melted when I used the oven. Now they’re not so “smooth and creamy” but more coagulated. He went to school empty handed.

Today I had another good intention. We would all get some exercise after Sam headed to school.

I got up and got everyone ready and the kids grabbed their bikes, I grabbed the stroller and we walked the 2 maybe 3 blocks to Starbucks.

It is NOT a dangerous or perilous road. It has huge sidewalks and a daycare on this street. Who knew it would take us an HOUR to ride there and back. Molly fell off her bike and into the poky bushes about 8 times. Joe kept looking behind him and riding off the curb into the street. I tried to remain calm but these children were not paying any attention to their well intentioned mother at all!

So we took the side walk from our front door to the sidewalk at the street. It passes our apartment’s mail boxes, garbage cans and one apartment. After that there’s a field that’s about a block long that is overgrown with bushes and grass and a bunch of trees. After that is the drive way to Starbucks. Sounds pretty simple right? As we’re turning into the drive way and crossing it the kids both stop in the middle and of course a car turns in. I lock the wheel of the stroller on the other side then run back and pull Joe across. Joe bumps the stroller and the lock comes undone and it starts rolling towards me. I grab Molly and pull her and catch the stroller. I’m all flustered and wave a thanks at the car. It pulls forward then slows down with the window down and the man says, “You really should be more careful with your children.”  Are you KIDDING ME? I was actually fighting the urge to throw  them under his tires as it was! How rude!! But he looked more like the pot smoking type of person rather than the child rearing person so I didn’t take it to heart.

I felt so bad for the kids’ rotten experience that I offered to buy them chocolate milk. They were ecstatic and I felt better until I realised I only had $7.00 in my wallet. No worries, I got a tall instead of a venti and two organic chocolate milks.

On the way home, Molly refused to listen to me and crashed into my legs every 30 seconds. My tiny coffee spilled and I hadn’t even had one drink.  I was tired and done with this ridiculous outing and tossed her off her bike, loaded it onto the stroller and made her walk home sobbing. Miserable, miserable fail. Seriously.

And as I sit here wondering what is a better outing that 3 blocks in the glorious fresh air with the reward being warm coffee, I actually caught myself thinking I may do it again tomorrow.

More cash, less bikes.

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