Thursday, September 23, 2010


A new thought struck me today as I was watching Molly ride her tricycle across the playground. She’s is a big girl! I mean, I knew this was coming some day but it’s been so gradual. I love listening to her girlish giggling which has replaced her baby belly laugh. Her legs, now strong enough to pedal “real fast” are getting longer and thinner. Her knobby knees are a little more ‘girl’ looking. Her pudgy belly is a thing of the past. Is this the sign of girl hood?

She won a monkey all by herself at the fair and named it Pinkie. She puts books on her lap and tells us what they say while her finger travels along the lines completely out of sync. She wants to read, wants to ride the bus with Sam, wants to cook with me. She wants to go to the mall and look at Claire’s. lol. She wants a bow in her hair every day and she sits perfectly still while I braid her hair or put it into a pony tail. Today is the first time she actually requested a hair-do.

She still sneaks into our bed 5 out of 7 days. I tell J and Molly I’d like my own space, but secretly I don’t mind waking up with her strawberry scented hair next to me or her sweet warm breath on my face. I certainly don’t mind her little fingers playing with my hair. She has such a caring heart and loves her family.

I love to watch her with J. She can get him to do anything for her. Even when she’s being naughty or grumpy; one second he’ll be telling her to go to time out and the next minute he’s tickling her back in the rocking chair and they both have identical “in love” faces on. She still refers to J as “My fafowit Dad” and is always SO excited to see him come home from work.

She’s fallen in love with “Baaaarbie” and princesses. She also love “stwabewy showtcake” and squeelze with her hands clasped when she sees Princess Bell on anything. “MY FAVOWIT!”

She’s in 3T now. A new section in the clothing department, a new isle in the shoe department. She knows how to go potty all by herself, I should mention a full year younger than her brothers were. She still has her hillarious “scared” face… okay she has a face for everything, but her scared face is my favorite.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love her anymore she asks, “Mom, let’s play family fued.” Haha. She’s a girl after my own heart!

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